Thursday, 15 July 2010

Final Digi Pack

The DVD cover was all designed around the colours in the picture. We have made the background on the back cover a picture of the band walking away this is effective as it is the back of the artist is shows and implies that it is the back of the DVD cover. We added quotes to make it look good and more realistic.

Magazine Advert

We chose the colours of the advert as they blend well with the picture. We chose this picture as it was taken from our music video so it is a true representation of what our video is like. The picture also shows all of the band members.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Magazine Advert Analysis

DVD covers

Front Cover:
The Main focus of the front cover is the artist (Jennifer Lopez) so fans can easily recognise that this is a piece of her merchandise. It has the title of the DVD is small writing underneath the artists name and there is also the DVD symbol at the bottom left hand corner.

Back Cover:

On the back cover, there is the bar-code, this exists on every DVD that is made. Also it tells you the contents of the DVD and CD that are included. The credits and copy rights are located at the bottom of the back cover in very small print. The are 6 logo right at the bottom which are the record company, the DVD manufacture, the format and the DVD symbol. We do not recognise the other 2 logos.

The spine:
The colouring of the DVD case made it difficult for us to take a picture of it, so we decided to just describe in instead. The title and artist are on the centre of the spin with the record company logo on the top and the DVD symbol on the bottom.

The Inside covers:
On the inside covers there is just 2 images of the artist, This premotes her image and shows off her beauty.

The DVD and CD:
The DVD and CD have been made to look like film reals. They contain the title, the artists name, the copy right information and all of the logos.

The Booklet:
In the booklet, there are 23 images of the artist which again promote her style. All of her songs that are included in the DVD and CD are listed with the credits for each song. There is also the copy right information on the back page and again, all of the logos.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ideas for DVD cover and Magazine Advert

These are 2 images that we are thinking to use for our DVD cover. The reason we have chosen all of these is becasue they show the whole 'band'.

Our Feedback for the Comments on our Video

When filming the music video we tried to incorporate everything that was needed to be included in this genre type music video. From the comments we can see that we have achieved our goal as all of tem are positive. We as a group also think that our music video is similar to videos made my 'Sugarbabes' and 'Atomic Kitten'. We tried to base our idea on girl groups such as these as they are in the same category as the song we were given. The costumes that we used were all borrowed from friends as we didnt own maxi dresses. The reason we chose to wear maxi dresses was because in the era the song was released, these dresses were in fashion. We tried very hard to make the lip syncing correct and it definatly showed through the commentsthat we recieved.
lip sync was very platinum. The outfits were appropriate and fitted the genre of the song. The girls in the video were voyeurism and sell the artists because they are the focus and only ones in the video. The clothing went well with the song and the atmosphere conjoined with the theme of the song. The setting of video matched the genre of the song.
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